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I hope things are wonderful in your world, wherever you may be. It has been a month of great movement and flow in my inner world. One where the internal intensity of my being matched the brightness of the amazing full moon. At the same time my body has just wanted to be still and rest. I have been doing what I can to honour that deep sleepiness that keeps speaking out, at the same time I have been feeling the need to step out into the sunshine and let its bright rays stream into me. These days feel like a powerful time, an opportunity to go deep within and to peel back the layers of what is comfortable, to move into deeper truth of the self, the soul and the path. Comfortable or not, it’s where we are, and if you are feeling the ripples as I am, know that you are not alone.

This space is dedicated to our own power to heal and transform. Included is a small article I wrote for The Valley Voice, and information on the upcoming Healing Light Yoga Therapy class that starts March 12, as well as a delicious Carrot Pickle Recipe just for fun.

Let The Light In

DSC_0090As the season shifts into early spring, we notice more light in the world. This expansion of daylight reminds me of the light that we are, and how we can encourage energy flow to deepen our experience of being in our yoga practice.

We can always invite our experience on the mat one to be one of discovery. Working with the energy of breath and subtle intention we can explore the idea of consciousness in our body.

One of the beautiful gifts of yoga is how it connects us to our spirit. It is an opportunity to go inside and explore the depths of our being. With conscious breathing, we can do more than just relax, we can flow energy to spaces that are calling for our attention. Perhaps you are in pigeon pose, and your hip is feeling tender, try sending the breath there. Start by breathing nice and deep into the belly and then send the energy of the exhale to that sticky spot. You may notice a release, or you may notice a build up in intensity, and find a gentle release in that area during savasana. Another way to explore the essence of prana is by taking time before your final relaxation to direct breath to different areas; perhaps there has been tightness in your solar plexus, or anxiety in your heart center. Take a few moments to send the breath here, and let yourself fully surrender into savasana.

Release can come through many different forms. Tightness in the muscles can be completely physical so you may just experience relaxation. It could be stored emotions, or a trauma from our past, so you may experience images,colours, memories, even emotions. These sensations usually pass as quickly as they come as they are released.

Yoga is a wonderful way to open to the truth of our potential as energetic beings. As we connect with the breath we can experience great transformation.

Carrot Pickle (Achar)

As we enter the Kapha time of year (think wet, cool, earthy and damp), it is important to nourish our digestion with a little bit of spice, and foods that are easy to digest. One of my favourite ways to enhance “agni” is by adding a little bit of spicy pickle to my meal. A couple bites of this bright and spicy carrot achar can enhance your inner fire, encouraging assimilation of the nutrients, and giving you energy for your day. This is best eaten at the main lunchtime meal, as a small side- not as a plateful (although it is so yummy, it’s hard to resist)
Fresh Achar

achar2 Cups carrots – sliced into matchsticks
2 Tbs ginger root – cut into matchsticks
¼ tsp turmeric powder
2 Tbs fresh lime juice
1 Cup chopped cilantro leaves
1 tsp salt
1 chilli – sliced thin
1 tsp olive oil
½ tsp mustard seeds

Place all ingredients, except mustard seeds and oil in a bowl. Heat oil in a small pan on med/high heat. Add mustard seeds. When they start to pop and turn black, remove from heat and add to veg mix. Mix together and let sit for at least 30 mins before serving.


A lovely sharing from a Healing Light Yoga Client- Thank you so much Tiziana for your presence, your power and your bright open heart- It has been my pleasure and joy to work with you

“In the past few years, I had started to associate the word YOGA with a healing practice that was no longer for me! Due to illness and immobility, I was no longer able to participate in a YOGA class. When the opportunity came to work with Asrael, I almost did not take advantage of it because I feared it would be another Yoga class like many. I was wrong!

Working with Asrael made me realize that the “movement” we are seeking in YOGA is more of an internal process rather than the “motion” we experience during exercise. With her effective, yet gentle and compassionate approach, Asrael helped me bring back to life parts of myself that I thought were forever lost. It was a gradual process made of many small successes that eventually resulted in complete healing. Today, I look back and am in disbelief over the progress I made. With her clear focus, tremendous insight and knowledge Asrael guided me to let go of the trauma that was lodged deeply into my physiology and was preventing a full recovery.

I highly recommend her teachings to anybody who feels stuck yet truly wishes for the kind of deep transformation needed to experience the pure bliss of BEING that is our birthright!”- Tiziana, California USA

Healing Light Yoga- Healing With Higher Energies
In the past Healing Light Yoga series we have explored the healing power of subtle awareness and the power of mantra when taken to the subtlest level. We have begun to develop the ability to sense energy in the Chakras and in the subtle aspects of the Healing Breath.

In this final Healing Light Yoga series we will explore the profound and subtle energies that are always around us. Some refer to these energies as Guides and some as Angels. Their presence and assistance can become palpable the more closely and frequently we work with them. As we develop our awareness, we discover the Divine nature of these higher energies which are bold in both their healing power and their transmission of love.

In this 7th Series of Healing Light Yoga, we will use these Messengers of Love and the subtle energies in our environment to assist us in balancing the Chakras and creating healing in our physiologies. We invite you to join us for this exciting exploration!

Healing with Higher Energies Course Overview

Childs Pose1. Session 1: Healing Light Yoga – Core Principles Reviewed and Introduction to Subtle Perception, Intuition, and Clairvoyance

2. Session 2: Calling in Angelic Energy and Clearing the Energy Body

3. Session 3: 4th Chakra Healing with Higher Energies

4. Session 4: 3rd Chakra Healing with Higher Energies

5. Session 5: 2nd Chakra Healing with Higher Energies

6. Session 6: Integration – Healing with Angelic Energy

Registration for this course is open everyone, including those who have never done Healing Light Yoga Therapy before. Introductory videos and handouts that illustrate foundational principles are included.

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Course Details

WHERE: Live onine from the comfort of your home

WHEN: 6 Saturdays, beginning March 12; 11:00AM-12:30PM EST; 8:00AM-9:30AM PST. All sessions are recorded and are available anytime for 3 months after the class begins.

TUITION: $108 per series (only $18/class) – Includes six interactive 90-minute classes, access to class recordings, handouts, introductory educational videos, and access to the participant online forum

Taught by Asrael Zemenick (me) and facilitated by my mentor and friend, Dr. Paul Dugliss and New World Ayurveda

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10400881_44145591544_8678_nWishing you all a wonderful month. As we all flow through these transformative times together I am thankful for the connection with each and every one of you-

Blessings and Love