A Path Awakening, A Gateway Opening

Namaste Beautiful Beings,

How are you?

A big question I know, and one that probably doesn’t have an easy answer. What a crazy, interesting and unprecedented time this is. A time that really has no clear answers and no clear direction of what may come over the next few weeks, in fact the only clarity that seems to be present  is that we must take the time to slow down, settle in and and be with ourselves.  Not an easy task for many, especially with so much uncertainty, yet a beautiful opportunity to give space to all that is arising. As we allow things to bubble (or perhaps flood is a better word), to the surface we are given the gifts to be embraced by the energy and emotions present, as well as to acknowledge them with understanding and grace. Feeling it all, yet not moving from those feelings, and perhaps most of all opening to a greater trust in all that is, even if we don’t know what that will be.

If things intensify over the next few weeks, as I sense they will, I invite you to take time to tune into your self. To honour what comes up, and yet to not move from any source of fear or uncertainty.  Take time to breathe. To be connected with your loved ones. To go outside and feel the earth underneath your feet. To meditate. To Smile. To Allow. And know you are not alone. Know you are held.  Know that you are part of a larger global community, and we are all being invited to slow down and step into a greater place of acceptance, of trust and of love.

In the spirit of community, and to create space for us to come together as one,  I am creating a circle to meet on Tuesday afternoons, starting March 24th. More info is below.

Nature Heals

I was blessed to be in Hawaii over the past few weeks, such a gentle place to witness the tidal wave of energy quickly sweeping through us all.  One of the things that was very clear to me when I was there, was the ever present power and “rightness” of nature. The birds were singing, the flowers were blooming, and life was living itself through the animals, and natural intelligence of nature. It is an important reminder to myself, and I feel for us all.  That nature heals.  That nature is in balance. That nature is medicine. And most importantly we are part of nature. So over the next few weeks I invite you to take time in nature if you can. Even if it’s just sitting in your backyard and taking a few breaths of fresh air, perhaps a simple and slow walk in the forest, or looking at the moon out your window.  If it’s warm enough you could even step outside in your bare feet- total grounding, total connection.  This gives us the opportunity to tune into something much bigger then ourselves, and helps to not just soothe our spirits and bodies, but to remind us that all is well, that all is divine.

One of the ways that I am reminded of the magic and healing energy of nature is through my experiences swimming with the wild spinner dolphins in Hawaii. I was blessed to have 5 mornings with them over the last few weeks. They are so amazing as they reflect the pure love and strength of the connection to the underlying field, and the powerful strength of the tribe as they dance in openhearted joy and play.

My husband took this video on our first day in the water- about 4 days before things started to really change. There were about 75-100 dolphins that day reminding me that there is nothing, like being embraced by the power of pure nature and pure LOVE.

A Gathering Of Light

Tuesday’s 4:30 EST/7:30 PST

from March 24th- April 28

Online Via Zoom

Tuesday is the beginning of Navratri- The 9 days of Mother Divine begins this Tuesday evening, a beautiful time to come together and create space for whatever wants to be held.
Please join me if you feel inspired- and invite anyone who may be interested.
In these gatherings we will come together as a group- taking time for silence and whatever sacred tools want to come through- mantra, breathwork, Healing Light Yoga, energy attunemnents and more. Bring a journal, and have a comfortable place to lie down.
There is no suggested donation for these sessions- all are welcome- and yet if you are inspired to make a donation let me know and I can send you my paypal/etransfer info.
Tuesdays 4:30 EST/ 7:30 PST Beginning March 24- running through the month of April. In May a new HLY series will start at this time. Gatherings will be 60 minutes in length- but may go as long as 90 minutes.
Would love to see you if inspired
If you would like to join into community support outside of the group meetings the facebook group is here-

A Path Awakening, A Gateway Opening

It truly is an unprecedented time. A time that is not comfortable, a time that does not feel certain or safe, yet one that opens the door to us for to surrender into each and every moment.
Perhaps even more importantly it opens the door to for acceptance. Acceptance of the unknown, Acceptance of our feelings, Acceptance that all that we thought was safe, secure and necessary may not be so, and acceptance that all we can do right now is trust and go with the flow.
It’s a beautiful practice to be with. And one that is not comfortable.
And so I turn to gratitude. I am grateful to be given the opportunity to learn greater trust. I am grateful to be able to experience so many different feelings. I am grateful to be in connection with nature.  I am grateful to be aligned with the larger global community of you all- and all my friends/clients around the world. I am grateful to be able to be here now, experiencing such powerful times.
And I remember- The earth is singing- the dolphins are swimming, the air is breathing brightly as it has a break from industry, from airplanes, cars etc.. That all is more than well.
A recalibration is happening. A door is opening and a new path is being laid. I really believe this.  I am so curious to see where it will lead.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this- I am so thankful for our connection. Know as we ride these waves we are held together in the beautiful web of life, and it is such an honour to be on this journey with you.
Love to you All. Love, Love, Love.