Asrael is a lightworker, a deeply intuitive being who walks between the worlds and yet remains very grounded and down to earth. She embodies bright awareness carrying the resonance of pure light and love consciousness in all that she does. She is empathic and authentic, and holds the vibration to unlock the gateway of your evolution.  

Life is a journey, and at some point, on that journey, we come to a space where we awaken into the calling of our heart’s purpose. There is nothing that I enjoy more than to support people into the awakening of their highest truth, and to open to the magic of living in alignment with their highest potential. 

My life has led me to this space of healing. I am firm believer that we are here in these human bodies for a reason, and that spirit breathes through us.

Through my own journey I have moved through emotional waves, anxiety and times of great stress. I have been burned in the fire of transformation, and washed over with the tsunamis of patterning- ancestral, karmic and trauma informed. I have learned to trust, to know my truth and to walk in alignment with spirit and soul. To feel my feet on the earth, and allow the waters of my emotions to flow through me instead of being me. And through all my experience of life, of many studies of ancient alchemical medicine, and of working with others I have come to this place, to be a guide and a light for those who find me.

Whether I am supporting a being in a deep dive of awakening, or teaching a course in energy healing, or guiding a group circle into a journey of light; I am present, blessed and so grateful for this beautiful life, and for being able to serve others on their path. 

In light and love


Scorpio Sun
Pisces Moon
Libra Rising
6/2 Emotional Projector With A Defined Will (Just coming off the roof)

Training And Experience

Medical Qi Gong Therapist And Practitioner – Graduate 2022 – Noel Taylor, Shen Journey Qi Gong

Vedic Somatic Healing Facilitator and Teacher

Ayurvedic Adjunct Professor New World Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Counsellor – Graduate New World Ayurveda 2012

Ayurvedic Practitioner- Graduate New World Ayurveda 2010

Jyotish Astrologer – Graduate New World Ayurveda 2011

Pancha Karma, Marma Therapist and Ayurvedic Massage Technician- Graduate New World Ayurveda 2010

Medical Western Herbalist Apprentice- Apprenticed With Bernice Woolam-2012-2014

Yoga Teacher- Graduate RYT 200 program, Karma Yoga

Intuitive and Tarot Reader- Professionally since 1998