Asrael is a lightworker, a deeply intuitive being who walks between the worlds and yet remains very connected to earth. She embodies bright awareness carrying the resonance of pure light and love consciousness in all that she does. Still very human, she is empathic and authentic, and yet holds the vibration to unlock the gateway of your evolution.  

Life is a journey, and at some point, on that journey, we come to a space where we awaken into the calling of our heart’s purpose. There is nothing that I enjoy more than to support people into the awakening of their highest truth, and to open to the magic of living in alignment with their highest potential. 

I have always been drawn to the mystical, to a deeper sense of life.  Even as a young child I knew there was something more than what was seen on the outside, and yet I didn’t know how to express that in the world around me. There was the innate knowledge that my path would lead me into the world of transformation and consciousness, and yet, that didn’t really fit in with the larger plane of the consensus reality I was born into. So as I opened to the magic of intuition, tarot, past life work, and yoga in my teenage years, I continued to put on my costume, did my best to be what I was expected to be, and planned my life accordingly. 

Luckily life had other plans and tossed me on a wild journey, taking me from the suburbs of Metro Detroit, Michigan, into the Western USA, and eventually into the wild and beautiful nature of British Columbia, Canada. This was unexpected, and truly an initiation of soul, forcing me to take off my mask and to listen and move from the magic of my heart. Deeply held in spaces of nature I began to learn about herbal medicine and began wildcrafting wild herbs. This was a time of both coming home, and of letting go of all I thought I was meant to be. I took lots of time with deep solitude and immersed myself in meditation, yoga, and the connection with the divine. Over time I realized my path was to be a path of spirit. 

I started to listen more deeply to my inner awareness, I began to trust in what was unseen, but so clear, and I surrendered to the life that was living through me, instead of trying to fix or fit into a certain mold. In my path of becoming it has been integral to open into the space of the unknown, and to grow into the fullness of my intuition, moving beyond the space of my mind and emotions. I learned to dance within the field of the infinite, and to open into the magic of the stars, as we walk here on earth 

In my late 20’s I realized that it was time to start sharing my healing practices with the world, that I wasn’t here to hide away in a mountain cabin (as lovely as it was), and life beckoned me forwards with another powerful initiation of human experience. I went home to Detroit for a few years and made some beautiful foundational connections in both Yoga and Ayurveda, and began to take the steps to be the channel for light to come into this world. Once I started on that path, I never stopped. Since 2008, my journey has been both committed and supported in its work with others. 

I began a successful Ayurvedic Practitioner and Counselling business, I also began teaching for New World Ayurveda and started guiding groups-  through weekly gatherings and an 8 month Pranic Healing Course. My home business practice developed into deeply committed work with individuals on their path of spirit. Life was amazing!! I settled into a wonderful community on Vancouver Island and I truly felt like I settled into my home. Over this time I kept up my spiritual practice, opening deeper and deeper into my intuition and my experience of embodied awakening. I was floating in bliss. And then…. 

In 2020 things blew apart, not just in the world, but in my experience of being. Firmly grounded in the supporting structure of my Ayurveda and Vedic Counselling business, life was good; peaceful, abundant, and filled with grace. And then growth happened. I was shaken awake to work and “be” in a whole new way. This calling came with awakenings of spirit that both lifted my consciousness tremendously but also destroyed all sense of my identification to who I was, and how I served. With an intense Kundalini Awakening, I was forced to grow like never before. There were moments of great beauty and connection during this time and also the waves of intense purification. What was safe and comfortable before, seemed to no longer serve me, and I was asked to step into service in a whole new way. From the rubble of what was, the Soul Star Collective was born and spirit directed me to step it up a bit and to support beings in a way that carries the pure vibration of the stars, to not stay safe, but to be a bridge for those who are also awakening into spirit. I have been guided to hold the space in a way that supports people in their greatest growth possible, allowing them to evolve into the highest alignment of their birthright. It’s been a journey, and I know in many ways I am just at the beginning. The time is now, this is what I came in for. I am grateful. 

Whether I am supporting a being in a deep dive of awakening, or teaching a course in energy healing, or guiding a group circle into a journey of light; I am present, blessed and so grateful for this beautiful life, and for being able to serve others on their path. 

In light and love


Scorpio Sun
Pisces Moon
Libra Rising
6/2 Emotional Projector With A Defined Will (Just coming off the roof)

Asrael’s Path of Becoming

In 2006 I completed my 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher- with Katherine Austin at Karma Yoga .

During my yoga training, I was introduced to my mentor Dr.Paul Dugliss an Ayurvedic Physician, who helped healed my chronic health issues through this ancient healing practice. This inspired me to open more into the power of this healing practice and to come into greater connection with the integration of body/mind/spirit

This led me to travel in India for 15 months, where I immersed myself in the spiritual world that exists there, spending time at ashrams, deepening my yoga practice, and beginning my immersion into the practice of Ayurveda. The veils are so thin in India, that I had many awakenings, and experiences that supported my evolution into connection with the divine

On my return from India, I began my studies in Ayurveda New World Ayurveda’s  practitioner program in 2008

I traveled once more to Thailand and India in 2009-2010  where I deepened my skills through further intensives with a Thai Medicine and Massage Healer, and further studies with Ayurvedic Healers in India. 

After further intensive study in Pancha Karma, Ayurvedic Body Therapies, Jyotish Astrology, and Consultations I received my full practitioner diploma in 2010

I have also always loved plants and have studied over time with different herbalists. I use my experience and knowledge of Western and Ayurvedic Herbs to grow and make oils, tinctures, and teas

In 2012, I was called to complete another diploma in Ayurvedic Counselling, working to heal and transform on deep cellular, and energetic layers

I have also been an adjunct teacher with New World Ayurveda since 2012,  teaching the Practitioner Program, and leading intensives in Healing Light Yoga and the Ayurvedic Clinicals. 

New opportunities came my way with the creation of the Pranic Healing Training in 2016 where I lead groups of students for 8 months at a time to deepen and expand their sense of selves and their abilities to open to the power of energy healing. 

I started a Qi Gong practice in 2016 as well, opening to the deep wisdom of the ancient Daoists, and bringing its medicine into my daily life. That led me to be curious about expanding my awareness through the Shamanic Practices of Qi Gong and I recently completed a year-long Medical Qi Gong Practitioner Program in 2021. I am currently enrolled in the Medical Qi Gong Therapist Program which runs from 2021-22. My teacher is the divine Noel Taylor.

Art Work And Web Design

All the amazing artwork is by my dear friend Tessa Fenger. She is able to put to paper, what I so often see in my experiences working with groups and beings. She is so inspiring and always bringing through such beauty and illumination in her work and to this world. See more at Art By Mythos.

Most of the photography on this site was done by Josie Walters and Devon Gillot.

This beautiful website and community were created by the amazing Dundee Design and Development. Walton and Alyssa were amazing to work with and I highly recommend them for any of your website needs. Our paths initially crossed through Astrology Readings, and the connection deepened in the monthly gatherings and through Healing Light Yoga Courses. It’s been such a gift to see my vision being brought into form. I am so grateful.