Being- Recognizing The Light We Are


I have been thinking a lot about being.  It’s something we do naturally. In fact it is the essential truth of who we are. We don’t do being. It just is. Yet it’s so hard to embrace sometimes. It’s so much easier to think that we have to do more. That we have to create action or be in action to be worthy, or to get things done. In our culture, our nervous systems are so frazzled that it’s easy to keep running this story and this energy.  This makes sense, when the nervous system isn’t settled how can we be?

It’s wonderful to have desires, to want to be of service, to connect with a purpose that calls us.  Yet at the same time, it can sometimes pull us out of the truth of our lives and our connection with nature. We overwork, overdo, and keep going past the point of what is nourishing. Fatigue and exhaustion are common imbalances in our Vata/Pitta aggravated society. In reality our nervous systems are in hyper overdrive from doing. I believe the root cause of this imbalance, is our disconnection with honouring our true innate power.  The power that we hold just in being.

I notice that the more that I settle in, the more ease there is in creating. The more I let go, the more flow there is in abundance. The more I AM, instead of do, the more pleasure I have being of service.  But it takes practice to “be”. Remembering that I can stop for my second meditation of the day, letting the dishes sit for a few hours, or even just taking the day off from emails, and paperwork.  Just a soft shift in perception, by giving ourselves the permission to stop, we can remember how in ourselves we are perfect, just in who we are.

Are you noticing these patterns? This undercurrent of overdoing?

A simple way to start to shift this energy, is to slow down and pay attention. Set a little alarm to go off a few times a day, and when it does, stop, take a breath, look around you, feel your body, and notice how you feel.  Often that is enough of a gentle reminder to shift something, even for a moment. And of course, time for yourself in a regular Ayurvedic Dinacharaya (Practice), and taking time in your day for meditation, yoga, dance, nature or any other practice that reminds you to tune in and connect, will support the flow and ease of “Be- ing”.

Nourishing Your Sacred Fire

I was inspired to create a short guided meditation on nourishing our centre of being- the sacred space of our essential divine worth, The Manipura Chakra. It’s a beautiful practice, one where we light our own sacred fire- connection with essential flame of our being. Enjoy.

Moon Temple

December Moon Circle

Monday, December 3

6-7 pm PST/ 9-10 pm EST

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Cycles, Rhythms, Nature, Consciousness, Exploration Of The Divine Within The Human Via The New Moon. November 5 – Worldwide on Zoom, with Aparna and Asrael. (Aparna is in Mother India, so will be joining us this month in spirit- and by a video recording greeting:) 

It’s time for a sacred Moon Temple- I would love for you join me this coming Monday December 3, for another beautiful Monthly Moon Circle. These circles are monthly gatherings of community, ritual and awakening. They are hosted on a site that has a forum that we will use as an altar for intention setting and sharing, as well as a place of connecting with our community.

By donation. All are welcome. Let’s go deep into the stillness and womb of consciousness, creating together in sublime energies.

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Thank you all for reading, and for being!

I so appreciate you-