Yoga With Asrael

Monday’s at 4:30- 5:45 pm CST at Yogasoul Bhakti Center Nashville
Drop in $15
Also Online Via Zoom

Flow with your breath. Connect with your spirit. Move into your being. These classes are great for all levels of yogi, offering a challenge to those more experienced, yet very accessible to the beginner. Flowing at times, we learn to be with our breath, our body, and our thoughts as we melt into the asanas. Experiencing the moment, opening the heart and the mind, and accepting the energy of being where we are, at the same time creating strength, stamina, and flexibility. Always infused with spirit and bliss, and lots of smiles:) Yoga poses, pranayama, and relaxation are all experienced in these classes.

Best of all is the beautiful community of yogis to connect, grow and share with.

Message me for more info or register online here-

Qi Gong

Tuesday’s at 10 am- 11am in Bellevue TN
Drop in $15
Contact me for location details

Qi gong is a wonderful way to connect with energy and the flow of that energy through our body and energetic system. In these classes, Asrael guides us through deep, moving mediations that are simple and available for every “body”. Infusing spirit with the 5 element system the classes nourish the nervous system, support the highest functioning of the physical body and create a state of embodied bliss. Each class is different, in tune with the time of year, and whatever the collective energy is going through. They include body movement, sound, colour therapy, and breathwork. The classes are gentle, yet powerful and filled with light, connection and grace. 

Healing Light Yoga

The definition of yoga is union- the integration of sun/moon, yin/yang, shiva/shakti, and all parts of us coming together in the remembering of oneness. In Healing Light Yoga classes it is this yoga that we practice- the yoga of consciousness, of balance, and of breath.  

These courses offer a powerful opportunity to awaken to your own potential to heal and to connect with your subtle energy body. In them we embrace and work with the cellular, emotional and energetic layers of our being, opening the doors to clear and potent awareness. At the same time, you will explore and experience a deepening of your intuition and expanded self.

Healing Light Yoga is profound for those already working with energy awareness and energy healing, yet it is also a beautiful starting point for beginners

The classes are held in 6-week sessions and are held live on the Soulstar Collective and are also available by recording. Each journey is a unique exploration of sacred practices that expand our awareness, invite us to melt into sweet surrender, and allow us to deepen our experience of energy healing. 

This is not a western-style yoga class- it is a course of consciousness-based healing.

Some of the practices we will explore are:

  • The Power Of The Breath- Pranayama Techniques for healing and energy flow.
  • Supported Asana- Gentle and Restful yoga postures to create space for transformation.
  • Sacred Mantra- Ancient & Subtle, creating waves of expanded awareness
  • Mudra- Inviting flow into the Nadi’s and meridians to support our healing and growth
  • Subtle Intention- When we let go, magic happens
  • Deep Surrender- In deep rest, true healing can unfold

Not only do these practices affect our energy body, but they also

  • Clear cellular memory to heal from the inside out
  • Change energetic patterns that create an imbalance in the mind and body
  • Restore flow in the body to enhance vitality and prevent disease
  •  Expands awareness to hear our inner wisdom
  • …and much, much more.

Online Self Directed Classes are available here