Evolution Unfolding In The Now

Namaste Beautiful Beings,
How are you?

Not a simple question, and there probably is not such an easy answer to it either.

We are all riding the waves of these times on our own individual surfboards, and what waves they are. Each day seems to be offering us a greater opportunity to come into connection with centre and to open to the bigger picture and support of nature and the space that is bigger than our stories.

As we move from summer into fall, there comes the invitation to turn inward, and to move into even greater self nourishment. To know that each of us is a microcosm for the bigger picture of this unfolding world, and that it is in our own inner work that we can truly hold the light of the world, and bring support to all in the great shifting of these times. It’s time to find our roots, and to know that our branches are calling in and connecting to the greater light of all that is.

This is not a time to bypass our shadows- for many of us they arise most days in some way, and yet it is also not a time to get lost in them, perhaps instead taking time to connect to the bigger picture that is available in every moment.

Some of my favourite ways to do this are:

  • Pauses- Every few hours stop and take a few deep breaths. Take time to notice your feet on the earth, your body sitting in the chair, and turning your attention and awareness to your belly and feel what it’s like to be right here, right now.
  • Grounded Bodies- It also helps to ground ourselves physically, especially with the shifting of the seasons. So it’s a great time to eat creamier, heavier foods, root vegetables, and to enjoy sweet tastes- all this will bring us back into center, back into our earth bodies, and bring nourishment to every level of being.
  • Daily Practices- There is nothing like regular practice to bring us into deeper connection with the truth of life. What makes you feel held? Do that. Some ideas : Walks in nature, Qi Gong/Yoga, Singing, Art, and Meditation
  • Nature- Nothing grounds like nature. Get out in it as much as you can. Even just putting your bare feet on the earth will help, or lying in the grass. It’s not about doing, it’s about turning our attention and awareness to that which is bigger than us. And to me, Nature is the BEST medicine.

Another powerful and important practice for these times is self love. With the division we are seeing in our communities great and far, we can start by first loving ourselves, being compassionate and caring to our own bodies, stories and experiences. We can start by forgiving ourselves for any perceived mistakes and letting go of any judgement of how we should be handling things differently, instead seeing ourselves for the beautiful, vulnerable beings that we are. It’s also important to really own and live our own personal truth, loving it, honouring it, and not running away from it. Letting who we are, be enough. From here we can turn that love and acceptance outward, remembering each of us is a beautiful human, doing the best that they can. Knowing that we are much more similar than different and that together we are a radiant ocean of light, different drops, different currents but all part of the whole.

I would also like to invite you to remember that it is important at these times to start really opening to what you would like to see created in the world. It’s hard when things are so shaky, but at this time of great chaos, there is a dissolving and a trembling that is opening gateways for our a new way of experience to come into being, so I ask you- What is the dream that you are wanting to see birthed? What would it be like to hold space for the grace of that dream to come alive? What if there were no boundaries and you could manifest heaven here on earth? What would that look like? Have fun and play with it, allow yourself to go there.


This was a download that came through a few weeks ago for me, and it felt relevant to share with you all today.

What if this moment, right here, was a miracle birthing through your skin?
What if who we were, is no longer who we are meant to be?
What if this was all happening for a reason that was bigger than you and I could ever imagine?

I don’t know about you, but I am in the middle of a divine birth, into what I am not yet sure.

Collectively I believe we have all been touched and shaken in some way over the past year. Rocked awake, no longer able to ignore the spark of our soul’s purpose or the calling of our heart. We have been forced to grow in a new direction, a path forged for us by soul and spirit, shifting our worlds upside down. Everything is different than it was, inside and outside, and yet it’s exactly what it needs to be.

As we move through this rite of passage, it feels like we are in the in-between of what was, and what will be. We are no longer in the dark, heavy space of pure potential, but instead are sitting at the threshold of the gateway of new beginnings.

It’s so simple and yet so challenging. As humans we like to act quickly and move towards a goal, and we are being forced to wait, to rest in this watery womb of becoming. The soul gently whispering “Patience dear one, it’s bigger than you could ever imagine”.

It’s not easy, and yet it is “what is”. It’s time to let the mind go and to open to the power of our hearts, as we settle into a space of deep listening to the thrum of the life wanting to move through us.

Each of us in our own way, in our own life is moving through this birth- part of the collective whole. And we can kick and fight, or try to hide (but can you really?), or open to its blossoming with as much grace and ease as possible, it’s whats happening.

Trust that life is working for you.
Trust that the timeline is in perfect hands.
Trust that your dreams are being spun, manifesting into being, and taking you beyond the beyond into all that you are here to be.

Asrael.Love And the Soul Star Collective

Save The Date- Doors Open October 6

I am so excited to announce and share my new website and community space with you all. It’s been a wild year for us all, and in this time I have been called to birth into greater service and connection with the world. Not only is there a beautiful new platform to share my services from, but on October 6th, I will be opening the doors to the Soul Star Collective – A space for community, connection, and transformation.

There are many different temples and gateways to explore in the Collective, and there will be monthly themes, astrological and spirit updates, guest speakers, teachers and different courses offered, both live and pre-recorded. I will share more about it all in an upcoming newsletter.

For now I invite you to visit the site, look around- there is a free meditation and fun quiz on the home page, as well as some beautiful artwork spread throughout the site by Art By Mythos. Note that future emails will come from asrael@asrael.love.

I want to give a big thank you and shout out to Walton and Alyssa at Dundee Design And Development for all their hard work in creating the foundation and nourishing the seeds so they could take root and flourish. I highly recommend them for any website help you may need.

Pranic Healing Training

Starts October 7
Thursday’s 10:00-12:30 PST/ 1:00-3:30 EST

  • Open To The Power Of Energy Healing
  • Experience The Truth Of Your Being
  • Comprehensive Training, Connected Community, Deep Healing, & Powerful Transformation

Join Asrael Zemenick for a 7 month journey of Deep Personal Growth As you transform your practice (and your life) beyond the physical.This course is designed to support the growth of the student in their own practice, so that through their own experience they will be able to support their clients and communities. Each month is a journey of connection with a chakra energy centre, and has a theme that both supports healing and creates balance on all layers- body, mind and spirit. We will be learning to work with clients one on one as well as to share group Healing Light Yoga (Pranic Healing Courses).

Some of the things we learn/open too are:

  • deepening of intuition
  • grounding spirit into body
  • transforming and digesting old emotional energy- from all koshic layers
  • marma therapy techniques
  • mudras for health, healing and spirit
  • mantras and vibrational sound healing
  • working with guides, angels and higher energies
  • feeling, sensing and working with light energy.

It is through our own experience and practice, that we will fully embody and integrate the gifts of this training, allowing us to truly be able to serve others.

This class runs from October 7, 2021 – May 19, 2022.
For more details visit here- http://healinglightyoga.com/training-details/

If you are interested in learning more please contact me to set up an connection session to see if it would be the right fit.

Here is a video to share more about the experience and path of this class.

I filmed this video last year, and the course is ALWAYS evolving. We will be adding in and working with even more subtle energy practices from the lineages of Ayurveda and Medical Qi Gong, as well as opening to a deeper awareness of the crystalline grid and our expanding light bodies.

“This Class is somewhere on the level of magic for me. The true power of this course is in how it shifts you personally as a healer. In this course I’ve witnessed both myself and my classmates transform into being able to hold this amazing and powerful space where people can be held and begin to heal themselves.”
Patrick Paddock- Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ayurvedic Counsellor, Healing Light Yoga Teacher

A Gathering Of Light- Monthly Sacred Circles Via Zoom

Ongoing- The Third Tuesday of the Month- Next Circle- September 21, 2021

4:30-6:00 PST/ 7:30- 9:00 EST


These Circle’s have been an amazing way to come together in global community during this unique time that we are in. These circles are always heart centering and an experience of powerful energy work. They are also deeply relaxing, restorative and filled with light. We would love for you to join us if inspired.

In these gatherings we come together as a group- taking time for silence and whatever sacred tools want to come through- mantra, breathwork, Healing Light Yoga, energy attunements and more. Bring a journal, and have a comfortable place to lie down.

There is no suggested donation for these sessions- all are welcome- and yet if you are inspired to make a donation let me know and I can send you my paypal/etransfer info.

If you would like to join into community support outside of the group meetings the facebook group is here-


Thank you as always for taking the time to read this. Now more than ever I am grateful for you and this global community we are all a part of. I wish you so much peace and love as you continue to ride the waves of change, and I so look forward to connecting with you again soon.

In light