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Awakening Into The Divine Heart

Now we are just steps away from the inner sanctum. This is a held space of pure and radiant light. Here we open to the space of higher consciousness and open to the initiation into the celestial realm. Awakening into our superpowers, intuition, stepping through the gateway of consensus reality into the blueprint of our soul’s path of highest incarnation. Special Attunements, live classes, and special group practices are all part of this beautiful heart space. 

  • A Beautiful Social Platform That Allows You To Engage With Other Seekers 
  • Monthly Theme With Accompanying Embodied Practices To Nourish And Illuminate 
  • Monthly Channeled Video To Unearth The Light And Energy Coming Through From Our Ascended Masters, Guides, And Energetic Grids 
  • First access to events and workshops 
  • Mantra/Mudra Mondays 
  • Access to library of Short Guided Meditations, with a new one added each month 
  • Monthly Live 30 minute oracle card draw 
  • Access to all of the pre-recorded HLY courses 
  • Bi-Weekly Chi-Gong Flows
  • Live Monthly Guided Meditations / Live access to HLY courses when they are happening 
  • Exclusive attunements/teachings 
  • 5% discount on short-form 1-1 work for every 3 months subscribed.
This temple opens us up into higher layers of being and expanded awareness.
It holds transformative teachings and is a gateway to the higher realms of being.  

Registration Opening Soon