Introductory Information

Here is the schedule for this years classes, and some basic foundational worksheets that you can come back to throughout the course as needed. There are weekly handouts- this is just some things that may be helpful to have handy for the first month. Schedule Basic Info For Some Pranic Healing Foundational Techniques

Welcome To Pranic Healing 2022-23

Namaste, I wanted to take a moment to welcome you all to this powerful and amazing course. I am so excited to share these next 8 months with you as we dive deeply (and sweetly) into the powerful practice of connecting with the light, the subtle energies, and the magic of energy healing and HealingRead More

PHT 3-4

Meeting Link Handouts This weeks handouts Elements And Fingers Kumbhaka Session 3-4 Homework Marmas  Janu Marma Reflections What was your biggest take away from Month 3? Can you believe you are half way done with the main course? Where have you noticed the most growth? The most challenges? 

PHT 3-3

Join Zoom Meeting Handouts Elemental Mantras Mahabuta Mantras Homework Mudra Matangi Mudra Matangi Mudra  Assists- Assimilation, Vital Energy, Life purpose Benefits– Enhances digestion and assimilation of life experiences. Supports circulation and lymphatic systems. Cultivates energy, passion and divine will. Facilitates deep diaphragmatic breathing. Improves discernment and self-honesty, improves the voice and the ability to communicateRead More

PHT 3-2

Join Zoom Meeting Handouts Handouts for this week Session 3-2 Handouts Session 3-2 Homework Marmas Indra Basti Nourishing Manipura Chakra Mudra Surya Mudra Surya Mudra Assists- Great for depression, sluggishness, and connecting with your inner flame Benefits- Burns excess fat, improves digestion, reduces cholesterol, detoxifies the body, increases body temperature, reduces sluggishness, mental fogginess,Read More

PHT 3-1

Join Zoom Meeting Handouts Handouts for this session Session 3-1 Handouts Session 3-1 Homework Marmas Angustha Mula Mudra Chakra Mudra Chakra Mudra Assists- Grounding and Awakening. Digesting Experiences Benefits- Centering and grounding, improves digestion, assimilation, and elimination, reduces gas and bloating, increases vigor and self-confidence.  Instructions- Interlace fingers of both hands. Extend the ringRead More

VSH 2-4

Join Zoom Meeting Handouts Session 2-4 Handouts Session 2- 4 Homework Rose Centering Meditation Video Wei QI Field Meditation Reflections Do you notice if you are sensing things differently emotionally? Is there a deeper awareness of emotion as energy? Where do you feel most open? Where do you feel most stuck?

VSH 2-3

Join Zoom Meeting Handouts Here are this weeks handouts Session 2-3 Handouts The Emotional Octave Homework Old Man And The Pearl and 6 Healing Sounds Wei Qi Fields This is the coloured meditation for boundaries that I was sharing with you. It can be done as often as you like. I have a short youtubeRead More

VSH 2-2

Join Zoom Meeting Handouts Here are this weeks handouts Session 2-2 Handouts Session 2-2 Homework Teaching Healing Light Yoga 2nd Chakra Awakening Mudra Shakti Mudra Shakti Mudra Assists- Inner well-being, Activation, Spiritual Potential Benefits- Directs breath, energy, and awareness into the base of the body. Supports the reproductive, urinary, and eliminatory systems. Releases pelvic tensionRead More

VSH 2-1

Join Zoom Meeting Handouts Here are this weeks handouts Session 2-1 Handouts Session 2-1 Homework Mudra Yoni Mudra 1 Yoni Mudra Assists- Inner cycles, Fluidity, Feminine Awakening Benefits- Supports reproductive and urinary health. Eases menstrual, PMS, and menopause symptoms. Directs breath the sacrum, lower back, and pelvis. Increases receptivity, fluidity, and emotional sensitivity. It servesRead More