Abhaya Hridya Mudra

Assists- Opening the Heart, Strength, and courage in the time of adversity, Connection to spirit

Benefits- Nourishes the heart and lungs, improves digestion, brings a powerful sense of vitality and calm. Very good during times of exhaustion, debilitating illness, or regaining strength after surgery. It allows heat to descend from the head through the chest down into the belly, allowing it to be digested and assimilated

Instructions– Raise the hands in front of the chest. Palms falling center. Cross the wrists with the backs of the hands touching, right-hand closest to your body, palms facing to the sides. Firmly interlock the index, middle and little fingers, while connecting the tips of the thumb and ring finger on both hands forming two rings.

Focus- I trust in the power of my heart, and I allow it to lead the way. 

Information on the Mudras is from: Mudras Of India by Cain and Revital Carroll, Mudras For Awakening the Energy Body, and Mudras For Awakening the 5 elements by Alison De Nicola