Ashvaratna Mudra

Benefits- Balances Earth, Water, and Fire Elements, benefiting digestion, circulation, and overall vitality. Cuts through ego-clinging and narrow-mindedness, gives a new perspective on your choices and life path. 

Instructions- Join the palms together with the index and ring fingers interlaced. Extend the thumbs, ring fingers, and little fingers. Maintaining space in the web between the ring and little finger.  Hold the mudra in front of the chest. Relax your shoulders and breathe naturally.

Elements- Water, Fire, and Earth

Focus- I let go of what is no longer serving me and I open to the truth of my radiant spirit

Information on the Mudras is from: Mudras Of India by Cain and Revital Carroll, Mudras For Awakening the Energy Body, and Mudras For Awakening the 5 elements by Alison De Nicola