Kangula Mudra

Assists- Brings balance to the mind, calming and settling it. It allows spirit to shine brightly through the temple of our being. 

Benefits- Improves digestion and assimilation, activates hidden talents and gifts, awakens somatic intuition, harmonizes human biorhythms with the rhythms of the earth. 

Instructions- Curl the ring finger down into the palm. Join the tips of the index, middle and little finger together with the thumb. 

Elements- All

Focus- I allow my spirit to guide me. I trust in the innate knowing of my soul. I let go, I let God. I open to what is. 

Information on the Mudras is from: Mudras Of India by Cain and Revital Carroll, Mudras For Awakening the Energy Body and Mudras For Awakening the 5 elements by Alison De Nicola