Matangi Mudra 

Assists- Assimilation, Vital Energy, Life purpose

Benefits– Enhances digestion and assimilation of life experiences. Supports circulation and lymphatic systems. Cultivates energy, passion and divine will. Facilitates deep diaphragmatic breathing. Improves discernment and self-honesty, improves the voice and the ability to communicate inner feelings. 

Instructions- Interlace the fingers of both hands with the right thumb over the left thumb. Extend the middle fingers straight out with the pads of the two fingers touching. Rest the base of the wrists into the solar plexus just where the ribs meet. Relax the shoulders down and lengthen the spine. 

Cautions- with digestive issues such as ulcers and acid reflux use caution. 

Element- Fire

Focus– Inner light illuminates and guides me on my path. 

Information on the Mudras is from: Mudras Of India by Cain and Revital Carroll, Mudras For Awakening the Energy Body, and Mudras For Awakening the 5 elements by Alison De Nicola