Mudra Of The Inner Self

Benefits- This mudra symbolizes the inner nature of the human being. It brings the soul into the earth and allows it to open and express the diving through our being. Very powerful for bringing spirit into the body. 

Instructions- Place together the tips of your index, middle, ring, and little fingers and the balls of your hands. Put the thumbs next to each other. Notice the empty space through what light shimmers beneath the tips of the little fingers. First, hold your hands in this position in front of your forehead and look through the opening, without blinking as long as you can. Then lower your arms and hold the mudra an inch or so beneath your chin. This space is the spot where the atman, the place of the soul lies and they form a temple around it. With every exhalation very gently whisper the sound “Hooooo”. Notice what happens

Elements- Air, Ether

Focus- I am the grace of God. 

Information on the Mudras is from:Yoga In Your Hands by Gertrud Hirsch