Star Wisdom

Jyotish Astrology And Human Design

Astrology is an amazing tool that allows us to deepen our understanding of ourselves, our greater purpose, and our life in general. As we open to and connect to the map of the stars that was in place at our birth, we can gain greater insight and affirmation on the path we are here to live. 

In these astrology readings we:
  • Open to all areas of life, bringing awareness to your human experience, from birth to the present moment and beyond. 
  • We work slowly, step by step moving through the “houses” to explore and enlighten each area of your life. By doing this you can see the many different influences that may be affecting you, your health, your emotions, and the choices you have made or may make in the future. 
  • Remember what your soul incarnated for as these readings act as a tool, offering great wisdom that allows you to own and step into your greatest power. 
  • Learn about the different aspects of the planets, their strengths, and how the certain period you are in will all affect everyday life.  

By understanding the birth chart, and learning how to work with the energies of the planets, one can grow, heal and flow into the potential they were born with. 

Jyotish Astrology differs from Roman Astrology in a few key ways, the charts are calculated through a sidereal system, which bases the readings of not only the planets but of constellations, giving the charts a 23-degree difference from their Roman counterparts.  Jyotish Astrology also pays more attention to the moon and to the rising sign, instead of the outward personality of the sun.  

Human Design

Human Design Astrology is a unique way of aligning you with your highest potential. It is a mix of astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, the chakra system, and Quantum Mechanics, and offers powerful wisdom to support you in your understanding of self. In an initial Human Design reading we will open to powerful tools that can help to affirm your unique blueprint of “being” in this world. We will also explore your unique gifts, energy type , and key practices and innate gifts that can support your path of growing into all that you are.

Includes gemstone and Yagya recommendations

All sessions are available in person or by distance

Sessions are 2 hours 

1 hr- $195

1.5 hr- $285

2 hr- $375