Step Into Deeper Truth

Rites Of Isis – Art By Mythos

There are many times in our lives when we feel blocked energetically when there are issues that we would like some clarity on, core patterns of emotional imbalance arising, or when we just don’t feel that we are living to our highest potential. Sometimes we have emotions that we have trouble expressing, unhealthy patterns that we hold on to, or fears that need expressing. Other times we just want someone to talk to that can help connect us to the awareness of our own being.

What is Vedic Counselling?

Vedic Counselling is a holistic approach towards transforming your life, on all levels. Moving deeper than just the story, we open the doors to greater consciousness, working with awareness and intuition to shift and release old patterns, creating balance, health, and happiness in the entire being. 

What does it entail?

In these sessions, we work deeply with the natural intelligence of the body and its wisdom. While the story is important and we open to it, most of the work is held in a space of deep relaxation where we tune in somatically to see what is needing attention and where the energy wants to flow. Using the client’s intuition and my guidance, we follow the pathways shared from the energies speaking to us in the session. From here we may work with breathwork, chakras, mantras, inner child, cord-cutting, past lives, and many other sacred modalities to bring transformation and healing to the root cause of the issue at hand. 

There is always some gentle homework to work with to integrate the sessions, and always a deep feeling of peace and connection to the inner self. 

All sessions are available by distance via zoom or phone

Sessions are 90 minutes. 

If you are longing to grow deeper into your purpose and awaken into the truth of your fullest experience here on earth I would recommend a longer period of more committed work- more information is here

Intuitive/Clairavoyant Readings

Sometimes we just want to receive wisdom and insight from another. Asrael is a clear intuitive that can shine a light on areas of your life where you are looking for guidance. These sessions are a mix of energy readings, channeling, and connection with your guides and angels. Each session is a unique opportunity to go deep and receive the resonance of truth your being is looking for. 

1 hour or 90-minute sessions are available

Working with Asrael has brought significant changes to the way I am experiencing my life. She has helped me understand myself in a loving and natural way. I have gained insight into certain energetic patterns and belief structures I had previously held, and with her help, I have found great relief, understanding, and peace. Asrael is a very compassionate and powerful healer, and her approach to healing is positive and comfortable. She has a very strong connection to the Divine and through this, has helped me discover a more wonderful experience of life. I would recommend her to anyone.” ~ Amanda Gibbons, Montana USA.