The Sacred Temples We Call Home

Namaste Dear Friends,

I have been thinking a lot about embodiment lately, not just in the “spiritual” sense, but about how it feels to be in physical form.  It’s not a new theme for me, it is something that is present in every moment.  As I live in this body every day, I can’t help but be aware of my connection to it and its place in my life.  In Ayurveda, the body is an ever present reminder of our reflection of spirit here on earth,  a manifestation of consciousness through the cells.  In my yoga classes, I often refer to our bodies as a sacred temple, a place that we have chosen to live in, and to support us on this earthly plane.

So the question I have been with over time is: Why are we so harsh to our bodies? So judgemental?  Why do we push them so much at times to keep them going when they are tired or want rest? And where do we get the idea that our physical form should be different from what it is?  Stronger, softer, sleeker, (you get the idea).  Where do we get the idea that we are not perfect exactly as we are?

I think as a culture, or perhaps even as a species, we over identify with these beliefs that if only our body was different then we would be happy. This identification constantly pulls us into the dream state of being separate, or not enough.  Even when we have pain, discomfort, or illness in our body, it is our home.  How do we care for our home? Usually with love, and attention.  What would it be like to give that same attention and energy to our bones, muscles, bellies, hair, all parts of us?

These past few years, I have made a focused intention to bring more love and gratitude to the form that I am in. Every day I wake up grateful for the strength of my body, for the support of it, for its health, and for getting me this far.  When there is pain, or discomfort, I ask-What are you trying to share with me? What do you need?  And then I listen. It has been almost 44 years on this planet, and my vehicle for the most part has served me very well.  I still have my underlying story that will pop up from time to time, the “not good enough” one, but in general I have enjoyed taking time honouring the parts of me that are in my perception weaker, or squishier, or tighter, or more brittle.  As I age, grow and change I can wonder at the transformations in my outer self- and know it is part of the beautiful gift of being alive, here on earth.

I find that daily practices support this connection with the truth of my innate beauty; Yoga, Chi Kung, Meditation.  Perhaps the most powerful ways of honouring my self is, just touching my body, in my daily self massage practice. I also love placing my hands on my belly and feeling its softness and space, letting them rest there and holding this creative space of my being (male or female this is the space of our creative womb, the water essence, emotions, and the seat in many ways of our consciousness).

I thought I would share a video with you-Gentle Body awareness with our belly (the seat of our 2nd chakra).  Soft massage, and hip circles.  Short, sweet yet very nourishing. I hope you enjoy, and I invite you to take time to truly open to and honour the magic of your form in this world.  You ARE BEAUTIFUL, just the way you were made, in every moment, at every age, and for eternity.

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Healing Light Yoga-Awakening Into The Energy Body-Starts This Saturday!

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 It’s time to awaken to your pure potential.

In this powerful and awakening 6 week series we will open the doors to our expanded truth, and connect with our innate power to heal body/mind/emotion/spirit. This is an opportunity to experience deep surrender, great opening, and to deepen our awareness of the energy body.
Live Online- And All Classes are recorded in case you can’t be present. There is also a beautiful community forum for questions and sharing.

If you have any questions about the course, or this modality at all please don’t hesitate to connect. I would love to share with you.

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And if you are interested in what Healing Light Yoga is, I invite you to watch this short video.  It may inspire you to find out more.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

NEW- Monthly Moon Circles

Monday, November 5

6-7 pm PST/ 9-10 pm EST

By Donation

 Cycles, Rhythms, Nature, Consciousness, Exploration Of The Divine Within The Human Via The New Moon. November 5 – Worldwide on Zoom, with Aparna and Asrael.

It’s time for a sacred Moon Temple- My colleague, Aparna Khanolkar and I would love for you join us this coming Monday November 5 for our first Monthly Moon Circle. Our intention is for these circles to be monthly gatherings of community, ritual and awakening. They are hosted on a site that has a forum that we will use as an altar for intention setting and sharing, as well as a place of connecting with our community.

By donation. All are welcome. Let’s go deep into the stillness and womb of consciousness, creating together in sublime energies.

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Thank all again so much for your time, your sharing and being part of my community.

In light and love