Bi Weekly Qi Gong

Meeting date 02/01/2022 10:00 am
Password: 805185
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10:00 AM PST/ 1:00 PM EST - We are stars walking in skin- the light we are seeking is always within. What would it be like to open to the expansive nature of our being while connecting with the deep grounded roots of our body temples? In our Qi Gong practice’s we opened to both the heaven energies and the earth energies- and explore the pathways to integrating both within our beings. This beautiful ancient and mystical practice gently purifies. tonifies and regulates and opens us up to greater expansion and embodiment, allowing us to open to the multidimensional while grounding that within our sacred human experience. These 45 minute classes will be shared bi-weekly on Tuesday’s. They are a powerful way to come into deeper connection with spirit and self. All classes will be recorded with the most recent one on the top.