The Awakening Heart

Namaste Beautiful Beings,

I hope you are all well and finding some joy and sunshine wherever you may be this summer season. The journey of this world keeps unfolding for us all, and each day offers a continued opportunity to tune into the here and now, instead of the mental activity of the monkey mind. It’s been a powerful month with the 8/8 Lions Gate Activation, and a New Moon in Leo. Lots of opportunity for courage, strength, playfulness, and opening into the heart of our being.

That is what I wanted to open to today. The energy of our pure and courageous heart. The space in our body and being, that is not only the transmitter and receiver of pure love, but the integration point of heaven and earth coming together as one. The space that naturally resonates with an energy of acceptance, of compassion and of deep trust.

Opening To Your Heart Light

Right now, more than ever, we are being invited to take time to recognize that we do not need to live in our mind, and that falling into the support of the heart is a powerful gift that is inherent in our birthright.

When things started to fall apart this spring, we heard the phrase “We are all in this together” and it brought a sense of global community and connection, and now it often feels reading the news, or when we are out in the world that the togetherness is no longer as apparent. The seams are splitting, and the camps are separating.

Well, we are still all in this together. Each one of us with different beliefs, ideas, experiences, and ideas of what the right path or way is. What if we had an opportunity in each moment, to go back to that sense of connected community, and remember that we are all one? That we each have our own story, and in that story each one of us are doing the best that we can.

This is easy, when we are moving from that space of heart centred awareness. A space where we rest in the divine truth of connection, and give ourselves space to feel and experience from a grounded and open state of being. Sounds simple doesn’t it? It’s not always, especially when the nervous system is in overdrive, and we are functioning with years of patterning from moving from the mind.

So how do we start to come into a more connected space of Heart Centred Awareness?

Here are some fun and easy tools to connect with the heart, and to effortlessly allow ourselves to find space to rest there more naturally. With daily acknowledgement and awareness it truly just becomes easy to move from the space of the heart and not the mind.

  • Breathe- It’s so easy. We do it all the time. We can’t live without breath. So what is it like to take a few conscious deep breaths? Try it. Maybe take a big beautiful inhale in, and then exhale out through your mouth a few times. See what that feels like. Fall into your body. Then maybe take a breath or two in and out through your nostrils, slowly and deeply and see how you feel. You may notice you are already more connected to your body. More present in the heart.
  • Awareness- What is it like to bring your mind to your heart centre. The Anahata Chakra. Centre of the Chest. Close your eyes. Take a breath. Feel what is there, maybe noticing what is on the surface. Or perhaps feeling the heart beat. Maybe feeling a lightness, or a heaviness, or something totally unique to you. Try it. See what you notice.
  • Touch- Place your hands on this beautiful centre. One palm over the other. Feel the grounding energy of your palms touching your skin. Maybe massage in a circular motion or just keep your hands there. Explore the breath there, at the same time that your hands are there. Notice the sensation, notice how it feels.
  • Imagination/Intuition– What would it be like to be able to give the heart what it needs? What would it be to trust in its unique voice? Imagine and open to the idea that it could share with you. Ask if it were a flower what flower would it be? How bright would it blossom? And imagine or allow that flower to take shape. Maybe over the next few days go back to it, water it. Nourish it.
  • Gratitude– As always Gratitude. It is truly the language of the heart. What are you thankful for in this moment? What would it be like to express that from your heart? Maybe even to give gratitude to your beautiful heart, to your beautiful self, to those things that light you up, and to those things that challenge you. Try this daily maybe with your palms on the heart centre, feeling the heart blossom and opening to the divine truth of your nature.

Have fun with these practices- they can be done all together, or one at a time. And know that coming into the heart isn’t about spiritual bypassing the emotions, or the fear, or the likes/dislikes. It’s important to feel and honour everything, but as we live from heart centre, we also live in a place of connection, and of compassion, even to those things we do not understand. Allow your heart to be as courageous and as gentle as the lions. So big, so open, so vibrant, and so magnificent, just in the resonance of it’s being.

A Gathering Of Light- Monthly Sacred Circles Via Zoom

Ongoing- The Third Tuesday of the Month- Next Circle- August 18, 2020

4:30-6:00 PST/ 7:30- 9:00 EST

These Circle’s have been an amazing way to come together in global community during this unique time that we are in. These circles are always heart centering and an experience of powerful energy work. They are also deeply relaxing, restorative and filled with light. We would love for you to join us if inspired.

In these gatherings we come together as a group- taking time for silence and whatever sacred tools want to come through- mantra, breathwork, Healing Light Yoga, energy attunemnents and more. Bring a journal, and have a comfortable place to lie down.

There is no suggested donation for these sessions- all are welcome- and yet if you are inspired to make a donation let me know and I can send you my paypal/etransfer info.

If you would like to join into community support outside of the group meetings the facebook group is here-

Pranic Healing Training

It’s truly time for us to awaken into the potential of all that we are. 

Begins September 24, 2020. 

3:30- 6:30 pm PST/ 6:30-9:30 EST

  • Open To The Power Of Energy Healing
  • Experience The Truth Of Your Being
  • Comprehensive Training, Connected Community, Deep Healing, & Powerful Transformation

Every September I am blessed to begin a 7 month journey of deep personal growth, awakening and transformation with a select group of individuals that are ready to take the next step on their journey.

This course is designed to support the growth of the student in their own practice, so that through their own experience they will be able to support their clients and communities. Each month is a journey of connection with a chakra energy centre, and has a theme that both supports healing and creates balance on all layers- body, mind and spirit. We will be learning to work with clients one on one as well as to share group Healing Light Yoga (Pranic Healing Courses). It is through our own experience and practice, that we will fully embody and integrate the gifts of this training, allowing us to truly be able to serve others. 

This course is wonderful for people already practicing in the Healing Arts, and for those who are just starting out. It’s also wonderful for those who are just desiring to grow in the light of their consciousness. I made a little video with more info –

For more details visit here-

If you are interested in learning more please contact Asrael to set up an connection session to see if it would be the right fit. 

“This Class is somewhere on the level of magic for me. The true power of this course is in how it shifts you personally as a healer. In this course I’ve witnessed both myself and my classmates transform into being able to hold this amazing and powerful space where people can be held and begin to heal themselves.”
Patrick Paddock- Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ayurvedic Counsellor, Healing Light Yoga Teacher

Yoga In The Park

Outdoor Yoga With Asrael At Centennial Park, Downtown Duncan
Via Harmony Yoga
Wednesday’s 5:00-6:30pm 

I am so excited to announce that for the month’s of July and August, my Wednesday Hatha classes will be outside at the beautiful Centennial Park In Downtown Duncan. There is lots of shade, and it’s beautiful with an orchard and community garden, and lots of green space. What a wonderful way to practice together in community at this time. 

All Levels Are Welcome. 

Flow with your breath. Connect with your spirit. Move into your being. These classes are great for all levels of yogi, offering a challenge to those more experienced, yet very accessible to the beginner. Flowing at times, we learn to be with our breath, our body, and our thoughts as we melt into the asanas. Experiencing the moment, opening the heart and the mind, and accepting the energy of being where we are, at the same time creating strength, stamina, and flexibility. Always infused with spirit and bliss, and lots of smiles:) Yoga poses, pranayama, and relaxation are all experienced in these classes.

Best of all is the beautiful community of yogi’s to connect, grow and share with.

Bring your Own Mats, Props (If you need them), and Water.What if it’s Raining? We will move into the studio- where there is safe physical distancing practice for 14 people. Register-Via Harmony Yoga-

Thank you all so much for all that you are. Each of us, on our own path and in our own light are radiating such a beautiful part of this worlds awakening. It is truly a pleasure to share in this life with you all.